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Polar Bear: Sea Ice to Dinner Table

Thursday, April 5, 2012
Story by Matthew Guiffré

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Little Diomede’s Ronald Ozenna, Jr. killed his first polar bear of the season on Monday evening. The bear, which measured over ten feet long, was first spotted around the Russian island of Big Diomede around 5pm and, within an hour, was being dragged back into the village by snowmachine.

The kill marked one of the first bears to be taken by a resident of Little Diomede for this season. Ozenna skinned and butchered the bear with the assistance of other members of the community, while many of the village’s youth looked on in excitement.

In our Profile, Ozenna delves into what it takes to get a polar bear off the sea ice and onto the dinner table.

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Polar Bear: Sea Ice to Dinner Table, 4/5/2012
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