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At the Nome Library, Guys Read

Friday, May 6, 2011
Story by Matthew Smith

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The GuysRead program is a reading initiative coordinated by Nome Eskimo Community, Nome’s Kegoya Kozga Public Library, and the Nome Elementary School. There’s a GirlsRead program, too, and they’re both designed to help improve reading skills in fourth graders, as well as to ignite a passion for reading at an early age. Nome Eskimo’s deputy director Martia Sloan explained that fourth grade is a pivotal stage in a child’s development as a reader. During the final session of GuysRead for the year, KNOM's general manager Ric Schmidt was invited to read to the boys, along with fellow volunteer Chip Leeper. After a few activities for the boys to burn off some extra energy, they listened to the beginning of a new story and were given a copy of their own to take home and enjoy.

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