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Sister Alice's Raven Project

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Profile by Matthew Smith and Ben Matheson

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Sister Alice Sullivan of Nome’s Little Sisters of Jesus says she's simply a fan of birds, but that simple truth belies her knowledge of one of Alaska's most fascinating year-round residents: ravens. Sister Alice has been using her raven expertise to conduct a citizen’s science project on the birds for over eight years. With some help from the Department of Fish and Game, she’s been monitoring raven nests and nesting habits in and around Nome. And throughout April and continuing into June, she’ll be surveying raven nests and looking for evidence of mating. She cites the raven's adaptability when it comes to food – from scavenging human waste to stealing eggs from other bird nests – and their keen intelligence as keys to their survival through the harsh weather of western Alaska. And they use that intelligence to hide theirs nests well, which is why Sister Alice is enlisting volunteers to help with her raven survey this year. To contact Sister Alice and help with her survey, call 443-2094.

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Sister Alice's Raven Project
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