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Photos and audio: Mike Williams, Sr. arrives in Nome

Akiak, Alaska’s Mike Williams, Sr. arrived in Nome Friday afternoon, pulling under the Burled Arch at 3:35pm with 9 dogs. He finished in 45th place in Iditarod 2013.

Hear our broadcast of Williams’ live finish; photo gallery is below.

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Mike Williams, Sr. Mike Williams, Sr. Eva interviews Mike Williams, Sr. Eva interviews Mike Williams, Sr. Mike Williams, Sr. with KYUK's Angela Denning-Barnes Mike, Sr. and Maggie

In photos: Richie Diehl finishes his first Iditarod

Aniak, Alaska musher Richie Diehl finished his first Last Great Race in 36th place this afternoon – at 1:32pm with 11 dogs.

Richie Diehl arrives Richie Diehl interviews with KNOM's Laureli Kinneen (far right) Sled dogs from the team of Richie Diehl Sled dogs from the team of Richie Diehl

A first for Aniak’s Richie Diehl

Family and fellow mushers met Aniak’s Richie Diehl under the burled arch to congratulate him on his very first Iditarod finish Thursday afternoon. Richie Diehl arrived at 1:32pm with 11 dogs.

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Jeff King’s 3rd place, in photos

Jeff King arrived in Nome for the 2013 Iditarod in 3rd place, at 12:22am Wednesday, with eleven dogs. Photos by Laura Collins.

King-Finish-9091 King-Finish-9111 King-Finish-9106King-Finish-9105 King-Finish-9103

Western Alaskans, finishing in Nome

Western Alaska was well-represented in the 2013 Iditarod. Nome’s Aaron Burmeister, Bethel’s Peter Kaiser, and rookie Josh Cadzow from Fort Yukon arrived at the finish within a few hours of each other Wednesday morning. From Akiak, Michael Williams, Jr. arrived in Nome under bright, sunny skies later in the afternoon. KNOM greeted them live under the burled arch in downtown Nome:

11th place: Aaron Burmeister, arrived at 5:19am with 9 dogs.

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13th place: Peter Kaiser, arrived at 8:36am with 9 dogs.

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14th place: Rookie Josh Cadzow, arrived at 9:07am with 8 dogs.

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23rd place: Michael Williams, Jr., arrived at 4:37pm with 9 dogs.

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In photos: John Baker’s Iditarod finish

Baker arrived in Nome in 21st place Wednesday afternoon: at 12:49pm, with 12 dogs.

Sled dog - John Baker's team

In photos: Mackey and Smyth’s close race for 19th place

It was a race for 19th place at lunchtime Wednesday, as Lance Mackey and Ramey Smyth briefly shared Front Street before finishing, just minutes apart, in downtown Nome.

Ramey Smyth arrives Ramey Smyth and Lance Mackey


In case you missed it: live finishes of Iditarod 2013’s top ten

What a 24 hours it’s been for Iditarod 2013 – and for the town of Nome, whose Burled Arch (the Iditarod finish line) has seen an incredible amount of activity from Tuesday night to now.

At time of writing, 25 mushers have already finished the Last Great Race; it’s nearly half the total number of competitors, overall, and it’s all happened in just a day.

Many of Iditarod’s most closely-watched finishers pulled into town in the wee hours of the morning. (Normally, one might describe that time as the “dead of night,” but as you’ll hear in our live, broadcast recordings, the energy level at the Nome finish line was anything but dead.)

Below are the live finishes of Iditarod 2013’s 4th-through-10th-place mushers; all times listed are for Wednesday, March 13, 2013. (We’ve already posted the recordings of the top three finishers: Mitch Seavey, Aliy Zirkle, and Jeff King.)

4th place: Dallas Seavey, arrived at 1:20am with 7 dogs

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5th place: Ray Redington, Jr., arrived at 2:04am with 9 dogs

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6th place: Nicolas Petit, arrived at 2:39am with 10 dogs

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7th place and Rookie of the Year: Joar Leifseth Ulsom, arrived at 3:34am with 10 dogs
8th place: Jake Berkowitz, arrived at 3:34am (16 seconds after Joar Ulsom) with 15 dogs

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9th place: Sonny Lindner, arrived at 4:11am with 9 dogs

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10th place: DeeDee Jonrowe, arrived at 4:24am with 10 dogs

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In photos: Jessie Royer’s Iditarod finish

In 18th position, with a team of 7 dogs, Jessie Royer arrived under the Burled Arch at 11:20am Wednesday morning. Her team (as pictured) briefly diverted south along Nome’s Front Street before righting themselves and pulling into the finish-line chute.

Jessie Royer's team diverts south on Front Street Laureli interviews Jessie Royer A sled dog from Jessie Royer's team Jessie Royer

In photos: Martin Buser finishes Iditarod

Four-time champion Martin Buser finished in 17th place Wednesday morning: at 11:01am with 11 dogs.

Martin Buser, mushing on Front Street Buser's dogs, in the chute Martin Buser Laureli Kinneen reports from under the Burled Arch Martin shares a few laughs Martin and friends