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October 2012

Transmission 571

New KNOM volunteersFinished pilings for the Tom and Florence Busch Digital StudiosDaynee RosalesEva DeLappeMargaret and Lucus tour the KNOM AM transmitter siteTom Bunger and John Kelsey in the KNOM engineering room

Dear Friend of KNOM,

It's a time for building – in more ways than one.

As you'll read this month, we've finally broken ground for our major studio renovation and expansion project, the Tom and Florence Busch Digital Studios. The foundation pilings are now in the ground, as you'll see below. Even as phase-one construction gets underway, we continue to seek funds for the remainder of the project. We thank the generous donors whose previous matching challenge pledges (of $50,000 and $31,000, respectively) helped so much in making possible these first steps of our studio construction. If you'd like to learn more about our studio plans (beyond this issue), we encourage you to visit our page dedicated to our digital studios project. Or, simply give us a call: 907-443-5221.

While we build our future studio spaces, we endeavor, also, to build an equally important resource – the people who make our mission possible – as we welcome the five new KNOM volunteers for 2012-2013. As you'll read below, our newest volunteers bring ample enthusiasm and a dedication to community service.

Finally, the conclusion of this month's issue is dedicated to the latest happenings at our AM transmitter: the volunteers being trained there, the energy-efficient technology that's already paying huge dividends, and the unexpected hardware challenges that we now face.

As always, we so appreciate your support, your generosity, your prayers, and all you do to make KNOM possible. Thank you!


All In!
KNOM volunteers 2012-2013: Lucus Keppel, Josh Cunningham, Eva DeLappe, Dayneé Rosales, and Margaret DeMaioribusKNOM volunteers 2012-2013: Lucus Keppel, Josh Cunningham, Eva DeLappe, Dayneé Rosales, and Margaret DeMaioribus

There's an air of great excitement at KNOM this autumn (even more so than usual!), and that has a lot to do with the five dedicated people we're proud to call our latest volunteers, all of whom have now arrived and have begun their 2012-2013 service year.

Pictured, left to right, are Lucus Keppel, Josh Cunningham, Eva DeLappe, Dayneé Rosales, and Margaret DeMaioribus. Readers of the September Static may recognize Josh from that issue's front page, and over our next two issues (this month and November), we'll introduce to you the rest of this year's wonderful, energetic volunteer class. You'll find articles on Eva and Dayneé below.

We thank you for allowing us to continue the proud traditions of our volunteer program, whose legacy of service stretches back long before KNOM's first broadcast. This year, we're confident our newest volunteers will do great things, thanks to you.

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When God solves your problems, you have faith in His abilities.

When God doesn't solve your problems, He has faith in your abilities.

The Construction Has Begun!
Construction workers lay pilings for the Tom and Florence Busch Digital StudiosConstruction workers lay pilings for the Tom and Florence Busch Digital Studios.Mack truckThe finished pilings for the Tom and Florence Busch Digital Studios.

Construction is finally underway for KNOM's most ambitious project in many years: the Tom and Florence Busch Digital Studios.

After more than a year of preparations and planning – and an outpouring of donations and support – we finally broke ground early last month on our digital studios. As the photos show, the footprint of the studio annex was filled with construction workers and specialized equipment; the work focused on laying the wooden pilings that will serve as the new studios' foundation. Western Alaska's permafrost does not allow us to pour a concrete foundation, so like almost all structures in our region, the studios will sit a few feet above the ground, with the pilings supporting them. (The pilings pictured at bottom are in their final positions but will be trimmed to the correct height before further construction continues.)

As you might expect, laying the pilings was hard work: even with the heavy-duty augers and other tools our crew had on hand (as pictured). Each of the pilings has been laid as deep and as securely as possible.

Of course, this is just the beginning! When all is finished, the annex will expand our available studio space and allow us to renovate our broadcast hardware to digital equipment. This will save us money – both on maintenance costs and in daily operating expenses – and will enable us to preserve our mission far into the future.

Like everything we do, this is possible because of your support and generosity. Thank you! For more on our new studios – and to see how you can help – visit our dedicated digital studios page.

Meet Dayneé
Daynee Rosales on East Beach, Nome, Alaska.Dayneé Rosales in KNOM Radio's Studio A, Nome, Alaska.

Recently from Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia, Dayneé Rosales (dye-NAY) originally hails from central Bolivia; she was raised in the city of Tiquipaya. In planning her move to northwestern Alaska, Dayneé clearly had no problem uprooting herself; she says she discovered the KNOM volunteer program during her final semester in college while looking for employment opportunities "somewhere that's cold."

Dayneé graduated George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia with majors in creative writing and English. The creative element of her degree should come as no surprise; Dayneé has creativity in spades. She's versed in a number of musical instruments, enjoys telling stories, and has even worked at summer camps teaching art to children.

At KNOM, Dayneé is now one of our volunteer producers; she creates our educational PSAs, or public service announcements. Welcome, Dayneé!

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Jesus showed us how to be kind to everyone you meet. This kindness will lead others back to Christ.

Meet Eva
Eva DeLappe in KNOM Radio's Studio C, Nome, Alaska.Eva DeLappe in Icyview, on the outskirts of Nome, Alaska.

Eva DeLappe loves to travel – especially if she can learn something in the process. As KNOM's volunteer public affairs director, she'll be doing plenty of both. The Reno, Nevada native has road-tripped across the United States with her college friends; walked the famous pilgrimage route Camino de Santiago across Spain; and has taken trips sponsored by her college to Morocco and to Cambridge University (in the UK), where she did a study-abroad program.

This spring, Eva graduated with a bachelor's degree in English from Harvard University. At the prestigious college, Eva wrote essays for a campus literary magazine, tutored local children at low-income elementary schools, and compiled profiles of successful alumni at a local adult education center.

At KNOM, Eva will be able to put her zeal for community service to good use. Thanks to you, she'll be producing news shows, writing stories, deejaying on Sundays, and more. Welcome, Eva!

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There is nothing as strong as a gentle faith, or as gentle as a strong faith.

Behind the Scenes at the AM Transmitter
Margaret DeMaioribus and Lucus Keppel tour the AM transmitter with general manager Ric Schmidt.Margaret DeMaioribus and Lucus Keppel tour the AM transmitter with general manager Ric Schmidt.

Part of the thorough training each KNOM volunteer receives is a tour of our AM transmitter, courtesy of KNOM general manager Ric Schmidt.

As pictured at left, Ric recently spent time inside the transmitter building with newly-arrived volunteers Lucus Keppel and Margaret DeMaioribus; Lucus and Margaret took stock of the many, interconnected pieces of equipment that allow us to broadcast our AM signal throughout the far stretches of Western Alaska.


We're excited to report that one of our latest equipment installations is performing even beyond our expectations. Dynamic carrier control, or DCC – a method of power management at our AM transmitter that automatically varies our electricity use to match the volume of the audio being broadcast – has been in operation for just a few months, but its substantial power savings have already paid for its installation!

Our DCC project was made possible through designated donations and a gift left to our mission from a KNOM benefactor's will. We thank all who made the DCC installation possible!

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Sometimes all we can do is pray. It's a great place to start when we are trying to figure out how to face a challenge.

Engineering Help, and an Unexpected Need
Tom Bunger and John Kelsey in the engineering room of KNOM Studios, Nome, Alaska.Rolland Trowbridge at the AM transmitter site, KNOM Radio, Nome, Alaska.

We're so grateful that KNOM has a number of expert engineers who regularly help our mission. Former news director Tom Bunger and radio engineer John Kelsey, pictured, recently debugged a number of computer and networking issues within our station.

Engineer Rolland Trowbridge, pictured at bottom, is currently working on the unanticipated failure of five power modules at our AM transmitter. One power module actually caught fire, and while the fire did not spread, the replacement parts should cost around $5,000-6,000. We ask for prayers in helping to find these needed funds. Thanks to all who help our mission – and thanks to Tom, John, and Rolland!

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