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Lynette with spots
In 1983, then-volunteer Lynette Berger explores the current slate of inspirational spots on KNOM's airwaves. (Today, as business manager, Lynette still lends her voice to new inspirational spots on KNOM's airwaves.)

KNOM’s inspirational spots cut to the core of what our radio mission is all about.

These short radio messages – anywhere from 15 seconds to 2 minutes in length – are intended to celebrate the human spirit; to explore the diversity of religious and spiritual beliefs; to offer companionship, food for thought, and encouragement; and to invite listeners to prayer, reflection and peace.

Our inspirational spots have covered many different subjects in many different styles and moods. Some are contemplative or prayerful; others are jubilant, humorous, or celebratory.

We’re proud to broadcast about 34,000 inspirational spots annually. (Since we’re non-profit, these messages take the place of commercials.) Our inspirational spots have also been a monthly feature of our newsletterThe Nome Static – since 1983.


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