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The Last Tuesday of Every Month, 6pm & 10pm

Dan KarmunRose Anna Dan-WaghiyiRita Olanna
A few of the elders we've been honored to feature on Elder Voices. From top: Dan Karmun (who graced our very first Elder Voices episode!), Rose Anna Dan-Waghiyi, and Rita Olanna.

The elders of Alaska Native communities are deeply respected for their exceptional cultural knowledge and experience. We are honored to share their wisdom and memories every month on Elder Voices.

On Elder Voices, you’ll hear the personal reflections of people with exceptional insight into Western Alaskan life. Episodes of the show are filled with vivid descriptions of the Alaskan Bush, observations on how life has changed in our region, stories of Alaska Native culture, and lots more.

Join us for Elder Voices on the last Tuesday of every month, after 6pm and 10pm weather.

*Updated!* You can now hear the latest Elder Voices episode here.

And: If you are an elder – or if you know an elder – who would like to participate in our Elder Voices program, please let us know! Click here to get in touch.


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