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As we look ahead to the future of our radio mission, one thing is increasingly clear: our studios are in substantial need of an overhaul.

KNOM’s studios were built from the ground up using analog technology, which, while perfectly modern in the 1990s, is practically antique in the 2010s. Fewer and fewer engineers still service or repair analog equipment; many pieces of our broadcasting hardware have reached – or exceeded – the end of their expected operational life.

The solution is as clear as the problem. In the very near future, KNOM Radio will be forced to expand its studios: transitioning, in the process, to an all-digital operation.

Converting and expanding our broadcast studios will make our facilities more modern and immensely easier to service and monitor, even from thousands of miles away; it will spare us engineering headaches, time, and ultimately, money.

Indeed, with our new, more cost-efficient broadcast hardware and other energy-saving equipment, we estimate cost savings of more than $900,000 within 8 years.

This studio construction was the great dream of KNOM founder Tom Busch, who passed away in November 2010. We are asking for your help to make Tom’s dream a reality; we have dedicated our studio expansion project to Tom and his wife, Florence, as the Tom and Florence Busch Digital Studios.

Here are our plans for this renovation, which is currently well underway. Below, you’ll find a before-and-after comparison of our current studio building and a close approximation of what it will look like with the new annex. You’ll also find blueprints and plans for our studio expansion.

We offer special thanks to Frank Schmidt, of Tiland/Schmidt, Architects, who donated his staff time and materials to create the blueprint and mockup photo.

Before and After

Roll over the image below (or, if you're on a mobile device, tap it) to see what KNOM's studios will look like after our digital studio expansion.

KNOM digital studio annex, before and after

Download the full-size "after" image (a rendering of KNOM's studios, post-construction).


Toggle the image below: Blueprint | Expansion Plan One-Sheet

Download: Blueprint (PDF) | Expansion Plan One-Sheet (PDF)

(KNOM's new studio space is shaded in light blue in the blueprint below.)

Blueprint of KNOM digital studio expansion


The Tom and Florence Busch Digital Studios campaign goal has been set at $1,000,000 to cover the costs of our studio renovation and expansion.

Thanks to your generosity, we're well on our way! If you'd like to support our studio plans, you can give online*:

Fund Progress
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Just download either the Word document or PDF file below: both include suggested text for your message and instructions on where to mail or email them.

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