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James Olanna of Brevig Mission

Friday, May 4, 2012
Story by Matthew Guiffré

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James Olanna of Brevig Mission
Brevig Mission's James Olanna.
In Brevig Mission, a recent high school graduate has taken the transition out of school and into the community in stride.

Since receiving his diploma, James Olanna has been hired by the school as a para-educator and spends much of his free time coaching basketball and organizing community events in an effort to give incentive for students to attend school. James' job as an assistant to Brevig's educators gives him the opportunity to work alongside students, and the time that he spends coaching allows him to work with a variety of other students. 

In this episode, James discusses the individuals in his life who have helped him get to where he is now; he offers advice to students in the Bering Strait School District who may be struggling to get through school.

This episode also features Brevig Mission teacher Jennifer Diana.

Hear this episode of Caught Doing Something Good.

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