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Tuesona in the studioTuesona in the lobbyTuesona at the microphone

Tuesona in KNOM's main broadcast studio and lobby. Tuesona brings an energetic and friendly atmosphere to her weekly air time at KNOM.

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Tuesona Tungwenuk

Community DJ

Tuesona Tungwenuk sees herself not just as a college student – or as a radio DJ – but, also, an as advocate.

Tuesona says she’s “liberated” by her wheelchair, and she’s found many ways to advocate for those with disabilities. Whether in public, on KNOM’s airwaves, on the web, or even in the rap lyrics she composes, she’s eager to share the experiences, perspectives, and unique challenges and talents of the disabled.

Tuesona brings her creativity and ample amounts of energy to her weekly volunteer time at KNOM. She co-hosts The Late Afternoon Show on Friday afternoons from 4 to 5pm.

Tuesona was born and raised in Nome, graduated from Nome-Beltz High School in 2010, and is currently earning her bachelor’s degree from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, Northwest Campus (in Nome). She’s considering communications as a possible field for her post-college career.

When not in class or in front of the microphone, Tuesona enjoys reading, shopping, swimming, rapping, spending time with friends, traveling, and – in her own words – “advocating.”

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